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About Us

Salyl S. Bhagwat

Founder, CEO and void *Engineer

Salyl Bhagwat started his professional career working at CDAC (India) in 1996 after obtaining Bachelor of Engineering (Computers) degree from Shivaji University. Since then, he has worked in India, Canada and the US. He's held senior level engineering positions in several successful startups and large corporations such as Broadcom, Intel and Cisco. He launched this startup incubator to develop some of his ideas into products that help solve real life problems using Math and AI. In his spare time, he tries campaigning for a social cause. You can learn about the #bridgetowallsteet movement here.

Mr. Bhagwat is Marquis Who's Who honored list for his expertise in technology.


Meaning of void *Engineer: Mr. Bhagwat conceived this title for all engineers who "wear multiple hats" for successful completion of projects. It is inspired by C programming language's void *  pointer and typecasting.

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