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Who I Am

Salyl S. Bhagwat

Founder, CEO and void *Engineer

I started my professional career working at CDAC (India) in 1996 after obtaining Bachelor of Engineering (Computers) degree. Since then, I have worked in India, Canada and the US. I've held senior level engineering positions in several successful startups and large corporations such as Broadcom, Intel and Cisco. I launched this startup incubator to develop some of my ideas into products that help solve real life problems using Math and AI. In my spare time, I try campaigning for a social cause. You can learn about my free stock analysis software and  the #bridgetowallsteet movement here

Meaning of void *Engineer: I conceived this title for all engineers who "wear multiple hats" for successful completion of projects. It is inspired by C programming language's void *  pointer type and typecasting.

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