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DIY Investment blog

The purpose of On the SPOT blog is to provide a daily example (for subscribers) of how I analyze stocks in my watch list and where Gammath™ SPOT fits into my decision-making process. The intent is to help new users familiarize with my method so that they can clearly understand gScores and use them effectively in their own stock trading strategies.

The general theme of this blog is as follows:

  • Describe our assessment of Global, Domestic, Geo-political Macro-economic environment that might affect the stock market(s)

  • Take one of the relevant stock's from my watch list for discussion and provide general background and assessment of that company's stock

  • Discuss the details of gScore/micro-gScores of the stock to gauge it if it is trading at a significant discount or premium to help make buy/sell/hold decision


Checkout free samples of my On the SPOT blog by clicking on these links:

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Note: gScores are dynamic so if you are reading this blog on a date later than when it was written then you might be looking at stale data.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Investors who purchase one of our subscriptions get access to On the SPOT blog at no extra cost.