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DIY Investment blog

The purpose of On the SPOT blog is to provide a daily example (for Premium plan subscribers) of SPOT-based stock technical analysis.  The intent is to help new users familiarize with SPOT system so that they can clearly understand Gammath Scores (gScores) and use them effectively in their own stock trading strategies.

The general theme of this blog is as follows:

  • Commentary on global, domestic, geo-political or macro-economic news that might be affecting the stock market(s)

  • Take one of the relevant stocks for discussion and provide a general premise for having it on my watch list

  • Discuss the details of stock-specific gScore and micro-gScores to gauge it if it is trading at a discount or premium to help come up with a buy/sell/hold plan

Checkout free samples of the blog by clicking on these links:

Previous "sell side" example - sample.

Previous "buy side" examples - sample,

Note: gScores are dynamic so if you are reading this blog on a date later than when it was written then you might be looking at stale data.

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