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Gammath™ Stock Price-Opining Tool (SPOT - Patent Pending) is a software that enables smart, quick and easy way for DIY investors to make buy/sell/hold decisions on stocks in their watchlist. Gammath™ SPOT provides tools to:

  • Collect stock-specific data that it needs for analysis

  • Algorithmically compute gScores (discount-scores of stocks in the watchlist) to indicate the degree to which stocks in the watchlist are trading at a perceived premium or at a perceived discount. In other words, gScore is like a technical indicator that the investor can use in the process of making buy/sell/hold decisions on stocks in their watchlist

  • Generate gScores' history for correlation and backtesting

  • Backtest using your own strategy (or the basic strategy provided) that uses gScore/micro-gScores

For investors who perform their own technical analysis, Gammath™ SPOT saves incredible amount of time and when combined with a watchlist such as the one we publish with gScores, should present many opportunities to diversify.

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  • Our US-listed stocks watchlist with gScores (published daily) that can be used to create your own watchlist

  • "On the SPOT" blog where we discuss gScores with daily example from our watchlist

  • Technical Support for Gammath™ SPOT

  • Premium content such as scraped data, gScores, micro-gScores, signals info, charts that can help you make your own buy/sell/hold decisions on stocks

Click here for location of Gammath™ SPOT open source project.

Please visit our FAQ page and feel free to contact us (click here) if you have any further questions.

Disclaimer: We are not investment advisors. Investors make their own buy/sell decisions and understand the risks associated with respective investments