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On the SPOT blog (07/14/2022) [M..]

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Dismal earnings results from two of the top banks (JPM, MS) and commentary related to the economy seems to have hurt stocks earlier in the day and then seemed to have recovered somewhat into the close. Perhaps comments from some Federal Reserve officials that they favored 0.75 instead of 1.0 rate hike might have been the catalyst. I think there is a general expectation that rising inflation (at least until end of Q2) might have resulted in lowered earrings expectations that resulted in stock price fall for many of the companies. Speaking of earnings expectations, let's revisit Mondelez International (ticker MDLZ) that we discussed here when it had appeared in the discounted zone. Most of the premise hasn't changed and I still like it for the long-term but earnings expectations might warrant a basic check. I noticed that its forward PE might be very close or higher than its trailing PE. This makes me wonder if its PEG (>3) is justified. Remains to be seen. So, let's get straight to gScores to gauge how it is doing now.

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