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On the SPOT blog (09/22/2022) [P..]

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

All three major US indices finished in red today. Charts suggest that there seemed to be an attempt to move towards the green. That's not too bad given the current global environment. I mean, given the news that many central banks around the world also increased their interest rates after Federal Reserve announced their decision yesterday. Clearly, inflation is a global problem that has resulted out of multiple global issues (Supply chain issues, Russia-Ukraine war, Gas prices etc.) so this is expected. Surprisingly, Japan did not increase its interest rates so I wonder if this is because they don't have an "out of control inflation" or their economy cannot absorb the shock of interest rate hikes. I suppose putting Sony and Toyota Motors on my closely watched list (and some research if I can find time) might help me gain some insight into Japanese economy. Remains to be seen.

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