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On the SPOT blog (10/07/2022) [A..]

Jobs report painted a +ve picture of the US economy albeit it slightly missed the estimates. That obviously means that Feds have a free hand at fighting inflation as the economy seems to be in a state where it can assimilate "pain". Interest rate and quantitative tightening are some of the top factors in determining stock markets movement. Obviously the market tanked. If that was not enough then AMD (ticker AMD) issued a warning about a huge miss via its preliminary quarterly results. The miss is attributed to softness in PC market and supply chain issues. Last time I owned this stock, it allowed me to get out in green so I'm inclined to keeping it in my closely watched list whenever it has a noticeable fall (generally speaking, stocks with relatively high PE fall significantly if they miss estimates). Let's revisit it today. We already covered the premise for having this stock on our watch list here so let met get straight to gScores for trading insights.

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